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Dec. 8th, 2015

12:58 am - Spree Summary

WE HAVE MOVED to! Come visit & bookmark us there!
Happy Shopping!

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Dec. 29th, 2014

10:38 pm - Spree Requests

Hi Splurgelicious-er!

you can request spree by leaving a comment with the website and your email address.
we will review and check if it can be spree-ed and will open if response is good.  
(All comments are screened) 
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Apr. 10th, 2013

12:14 pm - Feedback

Personal Feedback (+40/-1)

Spreehouse Feedback (+69/-0)
ilovesgspree Feedback (+7/-0)
Sg Live Spree Feedback (+0/-0)
spreeculture (+1/-0)
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Jun. 22nd, 2012

12:01 am - 0612 - Carters Spree -[OPEN until 25th June, 10pm]

[1] Shop from:
25% off on everything excluding Clearance items (Clearance items = items ending $0.99)

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Jun. 20th, 2012

10:30 pm - 0612 - Cath Kidston Spree -[OPEN until 29th June, 10pm]

[1] Shop from:

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10:24 pm - 0612 - AE Spree -[OPEN until 29th June, 10pm]

[1] Shop from: (chose Country as US, Currency USD)

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Jun. 11th, 2012

10:23 pm - 0612 - Old Navy / Gap Spree -[OPEN until 22nd June, 10pm]

[1] Shop from:

Gap/Old Navy have random discount with very short notices. i will try my best to catch the promo for you. If you only want me to proceed when there is at least 15% off, do indicate in order format.
Eg, Only proceed when there is 15% off

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01:23 am - 0612 - BBW -OPEN until 22nd June, 10pm

[1] Shop from:

[2] Spree Closes:
22nd June, 10pm

Duration for our items to reach us:
2 – 3 weeks upon order (will not make it for christmas)

Shipping Method:
via forwarder
[Price of Item] * [Exchange Rate] *[2% concerige fee] + [International Shipping Cost] + Local Postage / Courier (if applicable)

[5] Payment accepted by me:
- IBanking / ATM Transfer
- if you are transfer from ocbc,uob (other banks), let me know.
* Bank Account Details: POSB SAVINGS ACCOUNT 039 27260 1

[6] Payment FIRST PAYMENT : PRICE OF ITEM (USD) X 1.30 x 1.02 (2% concerige fee)
SECOND PAYMENT : Any shipping fee top up + $0.50 handling fee + local postage

Estimated Intl Shipping Cost:
0.25 units (1oz or smaller) -estimated shipping cost, S$0.80-S$1.20
0.5 units for travel-size items or equivalent sized items (Items between 1-4 fl oz or smaller) - estimated shipping cost is S$1.50 -S$2.00
1 unit for full size items (Items around 8 fl oz) -estimated shipping cost is S$3.50-S$4
1.5 units for fll sizes items (items larger than 8fl oz) - estimated shipping cost is S$4.50-S$6

Estimated Exchange Rate:

[7] Handling Fee of $0.50 applicable for every parcel.
- For Envelope/ Tape (I will ensure that the items is packed and doesn’t break open!)

Option 1 : Normal Mail (refer to singpost website for rates)
Option 2 : Registered Mail; additional S$2.24 on top of normal mail cost. (Highly recommended)
Option 3 : Self collection at HOUGANG AVE 2 on EVERY TUESDAY (7pm-10pm) & SATURDAY (12nn-6pm). (Unless I’m not available. Dates would be announced when items arrives.)
Option 4) Use Ta-Q-Bin (Pick up of parcel on Sundays only) (refer to, TA-Q-BIN for rates,, $6 for volumatric weight of 60cm)

Terms & Conditions
- I will only take in PAID orders.
- I shall not be held responsible if items shipped are of the wrong size/colour, damaged and/or missing
- Will extend/cancel/close spree depending on response
- I shall not be responsible for lost mail but would write return address.

OPTION 1) Email yr orders to in the below format with Email Subject : 0512-BBW -YOUR NAME
OPTION 2) Using the below format, Leave a comment at this spreepage.
Order Format:
Name :
E-mail Address:
Bank Account Detail: (Please triple check and omit dashes)
How do want to receive yr items locally? : Normal Postage / Registered Postage / SELF COLLECT AT HOUGANG
Item #1
Item Name:
Price in USD :
Promo : buy 3 get 3 free

Item #2
Item Name:
Price in USD :
Promo : buy 3 get 3 free

Total Number of Items =
1st Payment Total Price in USD = [ Price of item #1 + Price of item #2 ]
Total Price in USD = [ USD 10.00 + USD 10.00 ] =20.00
Total Price in SGD = (USD 20.00] x [1.30] x [1.02] = SGD 27
(2nd payment would be collected when items reach me)
Payment Details
Reference Number:
Time and Date: Amount Paid: I-Banking Nick: (If Applicable)
Email us at, if you need any help.

12:54 am - 0612 - Polo Ralph Spree -[OPEN until 15th June, 10pm]

[1] Shop from:
Main Page :
Children Sales :

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12:47 am - 0612 - Victoria Secret Spree -[OPEN until 22nd Jun, 10pm]

#1 Its Semi Annual Sales + Free US Shipping. Will order in batches of USD 100!

[1] Shop from:

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